By heatherlinhomes-com October 31, 2019

Many people came to me to buy their first home in Redwood City! School is one of the important factors in the home buyer’s decision-making process. Data shows schools improve greatly with the support from parent communities. Watch this video to learn how Redwood City Unified Schools benefit from the smart, involved, and tech-savvy parents communities. This 10-minute video gives you an overview of the wonderful programs RWC has to offer. There are about 9000 K-8th grade students spread across 13 schools in the RWC Unified School District. Those 13 schools within the district offer a wide range of programs addressing the different needs and interests of our diverse student population. For the young foreign language learners, Adelante Selby Spanish Immersion School offers a dual language immersion environment for PreK to 5th-grade learners. John Gill Elementary School offers a similar immersion program in Mandarin Chinese. For children who wish to be challenged in science and math. The STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) Curriculum are offered in John Gill and Taft. The McKinley Institute of Technology also offers Technology literacy programs to 6th-8th graders to get exposure to virtual reality, robotics, comics creation, gaming, 3D and design. Project-Based Learning classrooms are offered at Roosevelt school, which accommodate 1st to 8th-grade students. In this environment, students are challenged to work cooperatively, think critically, and present their work in front of an audience. Accelerated Learning programs at North Star Academy are designed to meet the unique needs of high achieving students and enable them to reach their fullest potential. Included in the video are interviews with Roosevelt School Principal Tina Mercer, Jason Galisatusand from RWC Education Foundation, and Parent Community Group Leaders Cody Voellinger of Community Best and Anne Hynecek of RWC Parents for Better Education.


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